March 1st. Dolls festival. 3月1日(金)ひなまつり


Dolls festival was held at kinder.
This year,children made hina dolls with toilet paper tubes that they had brought from home.Using three spring colors of pink, white and green ,their hina dolls became a wonderful decoration which brings you a harbinger of spring. You can see different facial expressions and different kimono designs on each prince and princess doll. At the festival, children enjoyed a story time presented by their teacher and learned about theorigin of the festival through a quiz game. They looked so cool when raising their hands to answer.

CIMG1595.JPGChildren's craft.子どもたちの製作
CIMG1601.JPGquiz time!

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February 28th. Cooking. 2月28日(木)クッキング

「Hakusai,tuna and tomato salad」
We used hakusai or chinese cabbage for February cooking. Every child cut chinese cabbage , mixed with tomato and tuna and finished it by seasoning with mayonnaise.(vegetables are heated 3 minutes in microwave)
Children thought it unusual to use chinese cabbage in salad but found it very delicious when they tasted. It's a new discovery for them.
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February 14th. Rehearsal for stage play. 2月14日(金)おゆうぎ会の練習

Children have been working so hard in everyday's rehearsals for the coming stage play in February. Dancing, acting in drama and playing the handbell...so much to do and remember.
Due to their constant effort, our children have become so confident in their performance. We are looking forward to their performance. Good luck!
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February 1st. Bean throwing event. 2月1日(金)豆まき会

The event started with quiz about Setubun and presentation of their devil's mask craft. Then...came an red devil!
Children started throwing as many colorful balls as possible towards the red devil, trying to ward off not only the red devil but also a crying devil and an angry devil from their mind. Finally, the red devil ran away....and you might wonder what would happen to the devil in their minds??
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January 31st. Cooking. 1月31日(木)ねぎ焼きクッキング

Cooking ingredient for January is Negi or green onion. Children chopped the green onion and mix them with flour and a little bit of Mentuyu (Japanese noodle broth). Negi pancake is finished by frying the mixure. The chopped Negi is thicker than it's supposed to be, but the Negi pancake is very nice as they can enjoy its texture. They did it very well!

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December 25th.Christmas party and Christmas cooking. 12月25日(火)クリスマス会&クッキング

Part 1 : Today is the children's awaited event,Chiristmas party and christmas cooking!
They enjoyed a christmas fun story and magic presented by their teachers、sang ♪Silent Night in English. A suprise came after the teachers' wonderful hand bell performance. Mr Santa came to our kinder! Children were so happy and curious to ask many questions to Santa. Receiving a present from santa, they showed a big smile. A christmas lunch is another fun for children. They enjoyed the very special lunch together. Having lunch and talking with friends makes the lunch much tastier.
楽しみにしていたクリスマス会。先生のたのしいお話や手品を見た後は、子どもたちの歌の発表。キンダーの子どもたちは ♪Silent Nightを英語で歌いました。先生たちの素敵なハンドベルの演奏のあとに。なんとサンタさん登場。サンタさんにいろいろ質問する好奇心旺盛な子どもたち。そしてプレゼントをもらい満面の笑みを浮かべていました。会のあとにはおいしいクリスマスランチ。お友達と楽しくお話ししながら美味しさも倍増でした。


Part 2 : Afternoon fun!
Children enjoyed decorating their cupcake. They enjoyed thinking about where to put these bear /heart-shaped suger toppings on their cake. Look at their faces with whipped cream around their mouth when they are grabbing their cake. It's so delicious.

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